WHERE'S THE FIRE? by Rodger Wilson


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Running across Wilson's white, almost wordless pages, a comix-style man in a fireman's hat, with an extinguisher under his arm, passes primary colored vehicles which have, respectively, one wheel, two wheels, and so on up to twelve--really two six-wheeled fire trucks, one of which the man boards, asking ""Where's the fire?"" The answer, when he arrives via truck at what looks like a 4th-of-July picnic, is ""here""--the bonfire where all the drivers and passengers he's passed are roasting hot dogs. Neat enough, but simply combining three picture book staples--counting, trucks, and a surprise party--doesn't make for a very hot model, no matter how many wheels there are. Call this one a fifth.

Pub Date: May 27th, 1976
Publisher: Prentice-Hall