ANTARCTICA: Land of Frozen Time by Roger A. Caras

ANTARCTICA: Land of Frozen Time

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With so much written about the Aretic, it is a change in more than the compass reading to view the opposite end of the world and its polar icebox. 6,000,000 square miles in size, the coldest and highest continent on earth, Antarctica is also the least explored and least known. 200 mile an hour winds and temperatures of well below 100 degrees below help to maintain its mystery and make it a terrain difficult to traverse. Caras covers the history of Antarctic exploration and the men (Cooke, Wilkes, Scott, Shackleton and Byrd) who crawled across that vast world of ice. Ships have been crushed in the ice and men have disappeared over mountain ridges forever. Present expeditions, complete with list of equipment needed, are included and there are peripheral stories of killer whales, or of the fantastic penguin tribes. The value of the land, its mineral potential, and its hidden keys to the geographical and biological past are also indicated. There is a valuable and detailed appendix for a book written from recent first hand experience with its subject, and while it is never exciting, it is certainly useful.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1962
Publisher: Chilton