THE STONE ARBOR And Other Stories by Roger Angell

THE STONE ARBOR And Other Stories

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Thirteen stories by a New Yorker writer about, with few exceptions, the people who buy the sort of things advertised in the pages of this magazine. These are tight, perfectly controlled stories of the insecurities, fears, even the terror in the lives of the middle aged advertising executive or insurance agent living in the better Westchester suburbs or on the upper East side. The offbeat items, while convincing enough at the time, leave one only with a sense of the author's ingenuity in dealing with, for example, a middle-aged broker who has a direct telephone line to a speakeasy of the '20's, or a first person story in which the narrator is a child's imaginary playmate. All in all, a very readable collection of stories which is typical in both the pejorative and praiseworthy sense of postwar New Yorker fiction.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1960
Publisher: Little, Brown