WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE? by Roger as told to Robert Ballou Benton


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A singular human -- interest document -- the story of a man who has served successive sentences as a forger. A background of New England parentage, good education, successful business -- and the chance of a false notice of his death making it possible for him to loss his identity and launch out on a criminal career. The account of prison life, starting with 17 months in Alabama chain gangs, is filled with horrible details, but dispenses with the vulgarity that might readily be expected. His last -- and brief -- term in Sing Sing convinced him that his chosen path held nothing for him, and he emerged full of good intentions which are rapidly disintegrating in the face of disillusionment and joblessness. What is the answer to his query? A book anyone interested in criminology, penology, social problems, etc. will find enlightening. The success of the Lawes' books prove that this is a wide popular market.

Pub Date: June 10th, 1936
Publisher: Lee Furman