BACKGROUNDS OF POWER by Roger Burlingame


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An historical survey of the mechanisms that have led to mass production and produced mass groups and people which details the many steps chronologically resulting in such mechanizations. This industrial history, which starts with the measurement of time, as a machine mind, contrasts the differences between machine sequences and chain reactions, follows the trends in the revolutions in social thinking, concerns itself with people rather than persons, with the patterns of machinery not individual machines. It follows the interdependence of European and Yankee developments, it underlines the work of Ford, of machine controlled steel and other products, it marks mile-posts rather than dates, and offers an overall panorama of technological progress- with the choice of an optimisitc rather than a robot future. The author is exhaustively informative and intelligently interesting for the audience specially concerned in industrial trends.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1949
Publisher: Scribner