DICTATOR CLOCK: Five Thousand Years of Telling Time by Roger Burlingame

DICTATOR CLOCK: Five Thousand Years of Telling Time

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This description of the development of the methods of measuring time attempts to relate them to their social impact. It follows chronologically the various methods of dividing time and explains the scientific and mechanical principles behind the instruments used to keep track of its passage. However this material was covered much more thoroughly and with greater lucidity in Beulah Tannenbaum's Understanding Time: The Science of Clocks and Calendars, 1958, and Harry Zarchy's Wheel of Time, 1957, both of which are only very scantily updated or expanded here. The investigation of the effect of time on civilization is, unfortunately, very much oversimplified and generalized and the complete omission of information on variant methods of calculating time in non- Western cultures helps to create an impression of undeviating progress in society and in timekeeping, with an almost one to one relationship.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1966
Publisher: Macmillan