WILD FOX by Roger Burrows


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The hardy British author has spent many hours crouching on exposed tree roots, sitting in trees, shivering in a cold shed in February recording ""wo-wo's"" from barking foxes. The result is an earnest, scholarly monograph on the endemic activities of three families of the English fox who roamed the study area. After an introductory investigation of residence-evidence (scent, food caches, bedding, etc.) the observer stakes out a month-by-month fox-observation year, as a framework for his studies and as a guide to neophyte fox-watchers. Then on to discoveries concerning diet, ""music,"" society, mating, etc. At the close, there is a polite defense of the fox's predatory habits. Although primarily for practicing naturalists, fox fanciers will enjoy the fox music: ""Winter barking activity"" is on the air about the middle of December from 6:00-9:00 (variations of ""wo-wo"" and ""wooooooogh""). One type of fox fight involves the combatants standing with paws on one another's shoulder, a push to the ground being the coup de grace: fox couples just may not be faithful.

Pub Date: Aug. 30th, 1968
Publisher: Taplinger