LAS FIGURANTS DE LA MORT: ""The Supernumeraries of Death by Roger de Lafforest

LAS FIGURANTS DE LA MORT: ""The Supernumeraries of Death

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Prix InterattiÉ, and a prize in name only, a strange combination of adventure, fantasy, and incredibility. The story, told in the first person by a former sea captain, is that of an expedition to South America headed by a mad Argentine with dreams of grandeur -- and of capturing the country. Hiring an old ship and a crew of down-at-the-heel bums on the pretext that he is going down there to make a film, the Argentine and his mistress, a trollop, set off. After a series of unfortunate episodes, repeated rape, and mutiny, they land to be shot down like flies, with the captain one of the few to make an ignoble escape. An unpleasant book, quite as lunatic as the megalomaniac head of the illfated expedition.

Publisher: Grasset