CONTINUUM 2 by Roger -- Ed. Elwood


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Volume two in this ongoing anthology provides the second episode in each of eight series. Farmer's hero, infected by an alien spore, works miracles and mutters portentously of revenge on the people whose fear keeps him incarcerated. Anderson spins another intriguing tale of Rustum -- the planet whose earthlike highlands and high pressure lowlands provide a geographical catalyst for dramas of character. McCaffrey's Killashandra the crystal singer continues to be one of the more interesting (and still rare) SF heroines, but the story doesn't stand too well alone. Oliver writes a fine old-fashioned tale whose technology is anthropological rather than mechanical. Plus Scortia, Wolfe, Pangborn and Gaff Kimberly. The most effective of these series use similar backdrops for discrete stories; the ones with a consecutive plot line tend either to be long on exposition or oddly incomplete.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Putnam