DYSTOPIAN VISIONS by Roger--Ed. Elwood


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An odd dozen of sf originals held together by the arbitrary concept of ""dystopia""--i.e., anti-utopia. Each contributor is set to work on a Major Issue--anomie, prejudice, sex, right to life, etc., etc. It's a deadening framework, not helped by Elwood's flatfooted introductions. Contributors include Barry Malzberg, Laurence Janifer, R. A. Lafferty (infallible predictor who gets what's coming to him), Joseph Green (a modest variant on colonists-vs.-aborigines), Gene Wolfe (a clever latter-day realization of Swift's Laputa). Despite a few good stories, this is a muddy idea unconvincingly worked out.

Pub Date: Dec. 2nd, 1975
Publisher: Prentice-Hall