THE STORY OF LEWIS CARROLL by Roger Lancelyn Green
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A fine, appreciative biography of the creator of Alice, better for this upper teen level than the 10-15 group indicated by the publisher. The author rather indignantly disposes of those biographers who probed uncomfortably into Dodgson's relations with the child-friends he sought out, cultivated and photographed, for whom he wrote his stories. Here he has created a three-dimensional portrait which adults will enjoy as much as their juniors. Here the quiet tutor and lecturer in mathematics at Oxford, who never left the University as a permanent residence -- and the exuberant genius of nonsense, Lewis, Carroll, become one. The bulk of the book is concerned with his writings as Lewis Carroll -- the setting for the creation of Alice -- a bot on a quiet stream -- three little girls, all beautifully realized. Many excerpts from lesser known stories and poems are included, deceptively simple, immortal nonsense.

Publisher: Henry Schuman