THE PAPER BOATS by Roger Longrigg


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There's absolutely nothing like an old theme with a new treatment in capable hands. It's like a well-dressed old lady -- you recognize the age and admire the style. Our hero, Gregory Pratt, and all the other tenants of a cooperative apartment building outside London, are desperately poor. Of course, nobody is ever comfortably poor, but some people get used to the condition. This lot is desperate because they all once had money and now hate to admit it's gone. Middle-aged Gregory is an ineffectual salesman who sets off for the city every day with a first class train ticket, and an orange folder containing the notes for his novel. Across town is a superbly organized gang who pull off a daring daylight armored car robbery. The mastermind's whole plan revolves on getting the money whisked away quickly. It is to be handed over to a man on a train carrying an orange folder. You guessed it. When Gregory and his father begin to play Lord and Earl Bountiful with no idea of how to get rid of hot money, it makes for the kind of novel that should become an Alec Guiness movie. Good entertainment, either way.

Publisher: Harper & Row