THE POSTMAN by Roger Martin du Gard


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On his appointed rounds of the small French village Maupeyrou is Joigneau whose mailbag makes him privy to all of the little secrets of the natives there, and who honors the town's correspondence with a surveillance which brings him power and sometimes profit. With Joigneau, and in close and unforgiving detail, you will meet Monsieur Ennberg, the schoolmaster who is unequal to his ideals; the cure, Abbe Verne, in refuge from the parishioners he cannot save; rich Mme. Massot who lives like a pauper; the stationmaster who is due to retire but has no place to go; the cafe proprietor, the midwife, the Mayor who buys his information about his electorate through Joigneau, etc. etc..... By the author of the Thibaults, this peering, prying sketch of village life was published some twenty years ago- and it is exemplary if only as a study in malice and cynicism, but there is certainly little here to attract an American audience.

Pub Date: March 5th, 1955
Publisher: Viking