JOB: DEFENSE OF HONOR by Roger N. Carstensen


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When people talk about the patience of Job, they do not always mean to pay this Biblical hero a compliment. But Dr. Roger Carstensen sees Job as representing the sainthood of good sense; the life of sound men under the care of an intelligent, responsible God. Human honor and divine favor become two sides of the same coin. Different men see in Job a varied projection and reflection of themselves, but all see in him an honest grappling with fortune and misfortune as they threaten his own honor and integrity. According to the author, professor of Old Testament Literature, College of the Bible, Enid, Oklahoma, the Book of Job shows how, by the grace of God, honor is a possibility for Everyman. This book is definitely a worthwhile contribution to the literature inspired by the patient but honorable Job.

Publisher: Abingdon