THE BLUE HUSSAR by Roger Nimier


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An account of the French First Army has an abundant vitality (and sexuality) and through the mixed members of the Blue Hussars reflects the idiological as well as military confusion of 1945 when the ranks were filled by the Resistance, by Communist partisans, and by Petain's Fascist Militia. In the first part, the Blue Hussars fight before Strasbourg before moving on to the occupation of the French zone of Germany. Among them, and telling the story in his own words, is the Colonel; Casse-Pompons, a corporal who dies before he gets his promotion; Saint-Anne, who is very young, very pretty , and a little ineffectual; Sanders who is cynical; etc. etc. In the second part, during the long period of occupation and inactivity- other than erotic-the French Army is seen as it plays anything but a civilizing role, diddling the Frauleins""- and in particular a German grass widow whose charms are dissolute and decadent.... A rather racy account which stems from actual (the author's) experience with this army where- although the morale was gutted- the animal spirits ran high.

Publisher: Messner