THE WAYS OF THE AIR by Roger Pilkington


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All of us know that life on earth would be extinct without oxygen -- a prime component of air. But what of the other aspects of this invisible mixture? The author has detailed the most important, and surprising, roles it plays in a technical study, diagrammed and illustrated for clarity. The blanket of air surrounding the earth is responsible for filtering out sun rays so that we can make use of solar heat and energy. It determines rainfall and influences the direction and power of wind. It is responsible for the ever-changing cloud formations and it enables man to hear and differentiate sounds. Packed with scientific data, this book also reflects the author's deep fascination with the earth's atmosphere -- his personal observations of fogs, gales, bending of light rays on water, etc. Not a newsy introduction to the subject- but a solid exposition for the science student.

Pub Date: June 29th, 1962
Publisher: Criterion