LIVING TODAY FOR GOD by Roger  Prior of Taize Schutz


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Books by monks on the Love of God are common. Consequently, at first glance Living Tuby For God by Roger Schutz, Prior of Taize, might be considered ""just another"" plosa exhortation in the same vein as many of its predecessors. Such is not the case. Twenty two years ago Roger Schutz, a Calvinist student of Theology, formed a group of Protestants into an organization devoted to work, study and prayer. He called it the Great community, and it was the beginning of what is now a monastic community in Taize, France, which a children's refuge, organizes retreats and tries to further ecumenical relations. It is one of the few of its kind in existence today. The author contends that living For God was written to aid reflection on the world and the Church of today, and its pages are testimony to his efforts to bring love of God and love of neighbor into the lives of men. An important section of the book deals with a consideration of the principles which should inspire and guide the search for unity among Christians. The author feels that a stage in our progress towards unity will consist in gaining this firm hope that the will lead differing faiths to unity. There are excellent chapters on celibacy, poverty and challenge three rules of the Community. In an introductory letter Richard Cardinal Archbishop of Boston, says ""I know that your book will find many interested readers in this country and more importantly -- I know and pray that many Americans will be as deeply moved as I have been by your spirit, your words and the challenge you offer us."" The author, Henri Daniel-Rops, furnishes the preface for this unique book in which Roger Schutz analy the horrible threats of ""the dominant forces of the modern world"" and begs for ""the dominant values of the interior life"" to counteract them.

Pub Date: April 11th, 1962
Publisher: Helicon