A CHRISTIAN-COMMUNIST DIALOGUE by Roger & Quentin Lauer Garaudy


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When Pope John proposed to substitute love for fear as the operative agent in the Church's relations with the world, one of his major concerns was to Christianize Catholicism's attitude toward Communists. That was the first step -- a giant one. This book is a second step; a small one indeed, but at least a step. Professor Garaudy, one of France's best known and most articulate Communists, and Professor Lauer of Fordham, have decided to stop discussing the possibility of dialogue and actually to engage in dialogue. In relatively few pages they manage to cover a great deal of territory in the realms of philosophy, ethics, history, politics, and social doctrine, and they do so without undue rambling and, even more surprisingly, without undue polemics. The overall conclusion to be drawn is that the differences between Christianity and Communism are philosophical ones, or even methodological ones -- which leads to the subordinate conclusion that cooperation in practicis is not only feasible but desirable. This is no thunderclap of revelation, but it is a sound and welcome basis for further and more intimate dialogue. As such, the book, despite the inconveniences of the ""dialogue"" format, will have substantial appeal for Joannine Christians of every denomination.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday