THE SUPERDOCTORS by Roger Rapoport


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Any self-respecting veterinary has more going for him than these superdoctors who include hypnotherapist Bryan (he deals with ""hate-fuckers""); Dr. Feel Good (Max Jacobson) who caters to royalties and celebrities and also the post-Watergate Nixon, losing his Will to Live; a plastic surgeon--the cosmetic type--Franklyn who cut his milk teeth on Maxwell Maltz and then probably went on to cap them; a DeBakey protege, Diethrich; Denton Cooley and Christiaan Barnard (you know them well); Dr. Spock, here seen by his wife Jane who now claims to have written half of the book (the facts of its publication are all wrong here according to the Dr. Spock we knew at that time, personally). Then there's Atkins of the diet and Jonas Salk and some good men. But you might wonder about unsuperpeople like Rex Kennamer ""who dumps troublemakers because his day is simply too busy to waste time coddling them"" or ophthalmologist Scheie who has a private clinic, Scheie Stadium. ""Like most superdoctors, Harold Scheie's first commitment is to himself."" And he deserves to lose all his patients. (Excerpts of this will have appeared in Playboy and Cosmopolitan.)

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Playboy Press