YOUNG FILMMAKERS by Roger with Ellen Meade Larson


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Roger Larson has organized a highly successful teen workshop in New York City known as Film Club and this is a lively re-run of his very young directors and their work. He sketches in their background and personality and how it influences their work from the concept to the finished product which is illustrated here in a profuse number of photographs. Much of it is ingenious and experimental (Stanley Kubrick was so impressed by one boy's vision of the universe he offered him any sound effect from 2001) and he gives some marvelous discussion and instruction about technique. This is a real find for the do-it-yourself young creator because it includes tips on everything from lens to rigging artificial lighting, handling live subjects (don't count on your friends transforming into patient professional actors), working out release forms and copyright (if you decide to go commercial), setting up a screening. . . even obtaining a special postage rate for developed film.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1969
Publisher: Dutton