HERE I STAND: A Life of Martin Luther by Roland Bainton
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HERE I STAND: A Life of Martin Luther

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On a cultry day in July 1505 a lonely traveler was trudging over a parched road on the outskirts of the Saxon village of Stotternheim..Suddenly there was a crashing storm. A belt of lighting rived the gloom and knocked the man to the ground. Struggling to rise, he cried in terror, ""St. Anne help me! I will become a monk""... The man who thus sailed was later to repudiate the cult of the saints. No who vowed to become a monk later to renounce monasticism. A loyal son of the Catholic Church, he was later to the structure of medieval Catholicism. A devoted servant of the Pope, he was later to identify the popes with Antichrist. For this young man was Martin Luther."" In such fashion does this new prize biography begin. There have been many biograp of and there will be many more, for he was an important figure in history, an of many contradictions and the spear-point of bitter religious controver is being widely advertised and deserves to be widely read. It has a scholarly the author, a professor at Yale Divinity School, is a student of the Reformation period. it is popularly written and should have a wider appeal than most religious biographies. attractive feature is the inclusion of many wood-cuts and engravings from Luther's which have been culled from Dr. Bainton's collection of medieval drawings, woodcuts . This is a book to be featured.

ISBN: 1406767123
Publisher: Abingdon-Cokesbury