JONAH'S ARK by Roland Barker


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Moving and tightly told sea story, considerably above average. The tale is that of a voyage on one of the last four- masted frigates from New York to Honolulu; of a sterm, silent, but just captain; of the little Jew he takes on; and of a fear -- and hate-driven crew of ten or so. Bit by bit, the mate infuses the crew with his hatred of the Jew, who is quiet, ingenuous, eager to please, and unaware of the resentment and superstition surrounding him. Then comes a hurricane, then two months' calm, finally attempted murder, with an innocent young sailor the victim instead of the Jew. Clearly drawn characters -- a picture of ignorance, brutality, fear unfettered.

Pub Date: June 7th, 1940
Publisher: Carlyle House