POT LUCK by Roland Clark


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Roland Clark needs no introduction to the sporting book audience, or to those who care for etchings of wildfowl, in which field he is a leader. This is his third volume of gunning tales (Stray Shots and Gunner's Dawn) and here the emphasis is less autobiographical and more on the men met in his gunning holidays. There are stories of guides, of native sportsmen, of habitues of marsh, bay, upland, a story of a hunting doctor, of hunting dogs, of individual exploits, adventures and misadventures. The quality lies chiefly in the contagious love of the out of doors, keen insight into men and wild life, and a quiet humor. Lovely sketches used as chapter heads and several full pages in full color. In a year when the sporting book audience has little offered, this should readily sell out its edition of 5000 copies.

Publisher: A.S. Barnes