HIGH FIDELITY RECORD ANNUAL 1955 by Roland- Ed. Gelatt


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For serious music listeners and record buyers, this is the first volume in a projected series of annuals from the High Fidelity magazine offering in one volume, handy for reference, reprints of record reviews from July 1954 to June 1955 (except in the Spoken Word section, which goes back to 1952). The reviews are essays on both the matter and the manner of recordings and are detailed evaluations of recent additions to the LP catalogue. The material is divided among works under composer's name, collections and miscellaneous, and the spoken word. The reviews vary in length and in contrasting other available recordings of the same work; they are highly readable and rewarding in themselves. They do not of course comprise a complete catalogue or offer contresting reports on all available recordings, and coverage corresponds to output so that while one work may not be represented at all, another will have as many as seven recordings to be considered.

Publisher: Lippincott