BEHOLD THE MAN: The Meaning of the Cross by

BEHOLD THE MAN: The Meaning of the Cross

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The student Christian group at Oberlin College have produced a book that has merit which bears no relation to its size. It is a devotional manual which skilfully and maturely attempts to express verbally in poems and readings that the great modern painter, Rousult, says in paint. The meaning of the Cross is the objective. There are ten prints from the famous Miserere series of George ""usult's paintings"", says the introduction, ""take a straight, hard, even angry look into man's inhumanity to man...In his paintings of Christ, his anger is lifted and redeemed... a dimension of hope and reconciliation creeps into his righteous anger"". The selections from contemporary thinkers which are chosen to interpret the paintings are taken from Maxwell Anderson, T.S. Eliot, Paul Tillich, Miguel de Unamuno, and Alan Paton. The readings are also coordinated with Biblical passages. Together, they trace the movement of the Passion story through tragedy and estrangement to the healing and wholeness of God's forgiving deed in Jesus, the Christ. A little book that speaks to the condition and need of modern man with understanding and love.

Publisher: Association Press