THE TENANT by Roland Topor


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In translation from the, French, this was originally entitled ""The Chimerical Tenant"" and chimerical is certainly the operative, word in this charade in which one is never quite sure what is going to happen, and, when it does, What it means. In Paris, Trelkovsky, an indeterminate tittle man, rents the room of a Mlle. Choule, who had recently committed suicide. There he is slowly unnerved by the, ""mysteries""; strange sounds from his anonymous neighbors; the activities/ apparitions in the communal toilet which he observes from his window; the incisor tooth hidden tn the wall of his apartment, which is subsequently robbed; the complaints which are lodged Finally he becomes ill and on his recovery he realizes he is being metamorphosized into the dead woman and that her fate will overtake him... All of this is told with ironic economy which does not preclude some horrific details. It's a Grand Guignol small story of obsession and possession.

Publisher: Doubleday