THIS IS CONGRESS by Roland Young


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The Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate contributes here a book about Congress, how it operates (and doesn't), what influences it, what functions and what powers it has. Analysis and critique, with good and bad clearly pointed out. Young shows how Congress craves greater powers and resents those of the Executive. He shows how each Congressman has the problem of spending time to insure the allegiance of his constituents or working for the national good. He shows the pressure brought to bear in varied directions. He discusses the distribution of power, committees, party bosses; the legislative procedure behind each bill, mechanics and strategy; the Congressman as a type; the execution of laws; the spending of money. The main defects he points out are these, -- too many committees, poor communications, the need for new purse strings, the makeup of Congress as a body without a head. A good book for students of politics and government.

Publisher: Knopf