NEW POEMS BY AMERICAN POETS # 2 by Rolfe- Ed. Humphries


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This is the second volume of 200 poems by American poets to be edited by Rolfe Humphries and it is a definitely interesting collection, containing along with a few well known writers (Auden, Marianne Moore, etc.) many prize-winning poets and a number of newcomers. Mr. Humphries has written an illuminating introduction: ""I doubt that the evidence is really sufficient for sound conclusions, but will nevertheless venture a few remarks. For one thing, the obscure and the minatory... once considered stigmata of modern poetry are disappearing... For another thing, we have considerable return to form..."" And he goes on to point out that contemporary American poetry uses ""a common idiom, rather consciously literary, very competently turned, showing evidence of serious study of technique, interested in observation almost to the point of catalogue and withal rather non-committal in spirit, not very reckless, just a bit chill"". On the whole Humphries has excellently summed up the impression of this collection of competent verse which will attract an interested audience.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1957
Publisher: Ballantine