MEET AMOS AND HOSEA by Rolland Emerson Wolfe
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Biblical scholars have long placed Amos and Hosea among the most significant religious figures of the pre-Christian era. But few readers of the Bible would appreciate why that is so by just reading the text as it is given to us in the Old Testament. By the time the manuscript was embodied in the Scriptures, it had become so jumbled and confused that neither the essential message of the prophets nor the conditions against which they were speaking stood out clearly. Dean Wolfe (of Crane Theological School, Tufts College) has endeavored in this study to place the results of a scholarly research at the disposal of the public without making them follow the technical steps taken by the scholar. His outline of the setting in which Amos and Hosea lived, and his appraisal of the message of these little understood men of God is brief, clear, and most readable. This is a book which can be commended to serious students of the Bible who are ready to accept the results of Biblical scholarship.

Pub Date: March 14th, 1945
Publisher: Harper