BRAZIL: Its Land & People by Rollie E. Poppino

BRAZIL: Its Land & People

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Professor Poppino had a long road to walk back after the publication of his inconsequential study International Communism in Latin America. He has now covered some of the distance with this rather conventional and derivative basic history of Latin America's most formidable candidate for future status as one of the world's great powers. Although Brazil, along with the rest of the region, has been the subject of many historical, economic and political monographs, no up-to-date general history in English has been available. Professor Poppino's book does not entirely take up the slack since Brazil's modern period has been slighted--the economic development is treated only in passing--and the events after the 1964 military ""revolution"" only receive a pro forma treatment. Until a more comprehensive work is available, Professor Poppino's Brazil will do and it is written in an engaging fashion.

Pub Date: May 16th, 1968
Publisher: Oxford