THE ART OF COUNSELING by Rollo Intro. Dr. Harry Bones May
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The place of counseling is now an accepted fact in both Catholic and Protestant churches. Just as Christian Science aroused the churches to the need for healing so the era of analysts and Oxford Groupers showed them the necessity for what Drummond and Moody called ""personal evangelism."" Dr. May calls it the human need for understanding and has had signal success in his work with individuals among his students and parishioners. It is not a subject that can be taught as its spiritual significance must be caught from the counselor. However, the divinity student, parish priest, worker or teacher who would help his friends and charges will find this book covers the subject as concretely as possible and its three parts form the outline of a successful case or interview. It considers (1) Underlying Principles, Personality and Transference; (2) Practical Steps, Analysis, Confession and Conversion or Transformation; (3) Ultimate Consideration.

Publisher: Cokesbury