HISSING TALES by Romain Cary


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A group of short tales by the author of The Roots of Heaven and The Company of Men, with just the right twist, surprise endings and trenchant, spare characterizations. Irony is at its sharpest in the stories of the art dealer dedicated to the destruction of fraud who discovers a telltale flaw in his wife's perfect beauty; the terrible solution worked out by a concentration camp victim in post war Brazil; a humanist refugee from Hitler blessing his rescuers who care for him in a hideaway and take over his business, long after the war is over; a dream of love destroyed against the screaming of sea gulls by the sea as a lonely man loses his dripping Venus. There is also some broad farce and savage satire, mostly directed toward American cold war tactics --a Russian journey with a pigeon taxi driver who intimidates the American tourists; an American gang leader wont to cast his enemies in artistic attitudes in concrete; for a futuristic view of a New Frontier. Neat little exercises, with a Gallic flair.

Publisher: Harper & Row