THE CHAMELEON CORPS And OtherShape Changers by Ron Goulart

THE CHAMELEON CORPS And OtherShape Changers

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In addition to five more metamorphic adventures of Ben Jolson of the C.C. on behalf of the Political Espionage Office, there are tales of other beings gifted, or cursed with, instant pop-up identities: townspeople who turn into cats; a method actress who goes too far; a king who wears a crown on his equine head when he's not being a bookcase; a man who is an elephant only on national holidays. The trouble is furniture looks funny in undershorts and if you're a sofa you're apt to be made love on. There's a psycho-philosophical message here but you'll probably be reduced to silly putty by the time you find it.

Pub Date: May 11th, 1972
Publisher: Macmillan