THE MUSIC PACK by Ron & Michael Berkeley Van der Meer


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Van der Meer and Berkeley (The Art Pack, not reviewed) present a pop-up book for grown-ups, with a cavalcade of inventive pull-tabs, flaps, and paper-engineering gewgaws. Brass, woodwinds, strings, and voice: The principles behind these diverse ways of making noise are explained. Particularly fun is the rattle used to explain the principle of percussion. It has a handle and a thin membrane from which two orange beads, attached by strings, hang. If you don't learn much about drumming from it, you'll at least have a good game of paddleball. In between gadgets, there's a tolerable history of Western music capped by a time line; a small musical dictionary; and a 75-minute CD with ""Twenty Masterpieces,"" covering, chronologically, Josquin des Prez to Berlioz.

Pub Date: Nov. 22nd, 1994
Publisher: Knopf