IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT by Ron & Nancy Goor Goor


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The choice of vicarious driving experiences is absolutely first-rate: a front-end loader, a combine, a blimp, an M60 tank, a race car, a Concorde jet, an 18-wheel truck, a crane, and an (electric) train. In sum: a varied, individually enticing lot. A great many of the photos are dandy too: clear, sharp full-page views of the assorted driving compartments showing all the requisite controls; at least one shot of the entire vehicle; interesting supplementary shots of whatever-it-is in action. The text, however, requires a high tolerance for monotony--and of a kind of simplicism that most youngsters leave behind with Dick & Jane: ""You start up a steep hill. You pass an 18-wheeler moving slowly in the right lane. Your truck is so long it is hard for you to judge when you have completely passed the other truck. You look in the large mirror outside your right window."" (""Your stomach growls. Time for dinner."") And so on--in a slightly ornate, vertically-accented type, with very wide spaces between the lines, that doesn't make for smooth-flowing reading either. But the vehicles will doubtless hook kids, and they will get some first-hand sense of what it means to handle them.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1982
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell