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Another Jaffe sorority hop, about four Radcliffe girls at college in the 1950s--a preview of the sadder/wiser women they will have become by their 20th reunion. Timid Emily Appelbaum frets about ""fitting in"" and gazes enviously at supposedly perfect Annabel and Daphne, cool and tall and blonde and beautiful. They're not really so perfect, however. Annabel loses her good name--and Daphne's friendship--by surrendering to the back-seat advances of Harvard man Richard, a kiss-and-teller. And Daphne has epilepsy, a secret she keeps from Richard, whom she eventually marries after he at long last extricates himself from his shotgun marriage to a victimizing waitress. Finally, there's Chris--zip-tongued, honest, and summa cum laude--who falls for gorgeous Alexander in French class and only a decade later learns why Alex was such a baffling suitor, advancing and withdrawing: he's a homosexual. And what has happened by the Seventies? Well, Annabel, divorced from a Southern lush and the adoring mother of a delightful daughter, buys for Bloomingdale's. Daphne, mother of four boys and a retarded daughter, still worries about her ""imperfection."" Chris has married Alex in spite of everything, bearing a son and bearing with Alex's predilections. And poor Emily, who wanted to be a doctor, marries one and comes through a lib crisis. All the stuff that doesn't appear in the Alumnae Bulletin--four women making do as they flounder forward, sprinkled with Fifties' recognitions and lots of flossy, glossy gossip.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1979
Publisher: Delacorte