RANSOM: A Critique of the American Bail System by Ronald Goldfarb

RANSOM: A Critique of the American Bail System

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Incensed by the injustice of our present bailing procedures, Washington attorney Ronald Goldfarb presents the case for a re-evaluation and revision of the currently applied system. Today the bail system operates so as to discriminate against the poor and friendless; bondsmen and people of means, often dangerous, professional criminals are benefited by it. The bail system is also used as a weapon to punish in advance of trial those against whom antagonism is felt, from civil rights demonstrators to subversives. The system was originally intended to insure that a person be present at his trial. Yet other approaches, more permissive in nature, have proven more effective. The privately organized Vera Foundation offers a new orientation; alternative procedures in Detroit, San Francisco, St. Louis, Illinois, Tulsa point the way to reforms. Mr. Goldfarb reviews pre-trial detention methods in other countries as well; makes his final evaluation and proposals for a more just, humane and cogent approach. Citizen interest is indicated.

Publisher: Harper & Row