AN INNOCENT ABROAD by Ronald Kirkbride


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Elmer Hooker, a nice, bulking, cornfed guy from Bakersfield, California, takes an impulsive trip to Japan, finds Kimi- anxious ""to meet American husband"" in a Ginza bar, and before he quite knows it, he becomes that husband. Still, while the twain do meet, they have a hard time getting together; there's the wire from his mother (in England) which makes their return imperative; there's an endless snafu of paper work (certificates, passports; registrations; visas) and they find no way to have a honeymoon - Kimi is not allowed to disembark in Hong Kong; there are no hotels in Bangkok; he gets sick; she gets test; etc. etc. all before Elmer-san realizes he loves his Japanese bride, and that she has much to teach him... For that off moment, a pleasantly flighty entertainment.

Publisher: Prentice-Hall