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Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1960
Publisher: Helicon

It would be hard to find a better introduction and guide to the Bible for the general Catholic reader than this excellent collection of articles that appeared in the diocesan presses of the country through the period of a year. This volume is outstanding for its clarity, comprehensiveness, unobtrusive scholarliness, simplicity of style and ability to sustain interest. It is the first of three volumes, two dealing with the Old Testament and the last with the New Testament. The reader will regret not having the as yet unpublished other two volumes at hand as soon as he finishes with this first book. Part One is a general introduction to the Bible. It contains a superb treatment of the difference between inspiration and revelation and an excellent discussion of the subject of errors in the Bible. Part Two relates ""How the Bible Came to Be"". Recounting the sacred history contained in the earlier books of the Old Testament, it aims to clarify the circumstances connected with the composition of the materials included in the several books and passages. It does so, splendidly. This will be an extremely valuable book for students and teachers in Catholic high schools and colleges, and very interesting, informative reading for anyone concerned in obtaining a deeper appreciation of the Bible and greater clarity about the human elements involved in its composition.