THE GRASS LOVERS by Ronald M. Deutsch


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Another look at the pyramidal aspects of faddism is reported by Sterling Paltry, an employee of the Food and Drugs Federal Bureau, researching fraud and illegal practices. Unfortunately Sterling has a sympathy for Ellis Tinsel in his efforts to promote a prize-fighter through his belief in grass as a cureall, and his vigilance against other competitors rather less ethical than . Tinsel (and Tinselism) grows, gets out of hand while Paltry is beleaguered by sples in the federal camp (and outside of it), by his love for the Alaskan heiress Willa Waugh, by Tinsel's marriage to Paltry's mother, by the subversive activities of Dr. Vloiet St. John and other practitioners of water, nuts and allied benefactions, and by the whole campaign of getting Norwegian Bjornsen to the championship. The proliferation of a , the iniquities of the health business and a free-for-all of characters build this into something of an established pattern -- which is not any funnier than its predecessors.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1962
Publisher: Doubleday