DESIGN FOR NOVEMBER by Ronald Mitchell


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Report repeated from P. 579 of the bulletin of 11/15/46 as follows:- ""A subtle, slow-moving novel of the people of a college community in the midwest who are burdened by loneliness, conventionality or insecurity, and the extremes one ambitious woman can reach in her drive to get ahead. Catherine, after losing the man she wanted, marries Sam, an art instructor, who is the victim of her ambition and pride as she prods him to get ahead, and eventually murders his rival for a position in the art department. Her crime goes undetected for months, but her guilt tortures her into a confession to Sam, and contributes to her death in childbirth. A competent, if somewhat ineffective though sympathetic treatment of the economic drudgery of the intelligentsia.

Pub Date: June 7th, 1947
Publisher: Harper