GERONIMO: The Fighting Apache by Ronald Syme

GERONIMO: The Fighting Apache

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syme glosses over the Apache predilection for cattle and horse raiding, preferring such generalities as ""it was a black period of history for both the white men and the Indians."" And in contrast to Wilson's 1973 biography, he deals gently with the older Geronimo who was corrupted by drink as well as hatred. This is nevertheless the most detailed (at the juvenile level) exposure of the white policies that amounted to genocide -- from the vacillating and self-serving dictates of Washington on down to their implementation by dishonest, scheming scouts like Al Sieber, Mickey Free and corrupt civilian agents. It thus seems pointless to fault Syme for his tendency to idealize Geronimo, when the record of his persecution makes him a tragic hero in any case -- and once again Syme uses the testimony of contemporaries, particularly The Truth About Geronimo as told by his former adversary Lt. Britton Davis, to telling effect.

Pub Date: March 12th, 1975
Page count: 94pp
Publisher: Morrow