THE IRON GLOVE by Ronald Tierney


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This time out, aging Indianapolis p.i. ""Deets"" Shanahan (The Stone Veil, The Steel Web) is hired to dig up evidence that young boxer Emilio Ramirez didn't kill Senator Holland's do-gooder wife Sally in his apartment, then set her adrift in the river. Deets believes in Emilio's innocence but has trouble finding the proof--forensics has blood and skin samples from Emilio's place, and his father-figure manager admits that he quietly removed the dead Sally from the apartment and floated it away. Holland's alibi, meanwhile, seems airtight; but could his political rival be responsible, or his mistress--wealthy and anxious-to-wed Jamie Brothewaite? Elizabeth, the Hollands' daughter, seems mighty uncomfortable around her dad, but it's her diary that seems sure to sink Emilio: It mentions his many outings with Elizabeth and her mother. With some assistance from bartender friend Harry, plus legwork from an alcoholic ex-cop, Deets puts together clues in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, New York, and D.C., then nails Sally's real murderer--but not before some smarmy facts come to light and her in-laws make a major error in judgment. A modestly clever puzzle, but the book's strength (typical of Tierney's work) is the warm, appealing byplay between Deets and his lady friend Maureen.

Pub Date: Dec. 11th, 1992
Page count: 288pp
Publisher: St. Martin's