LIVING WITH LOSS: A Dramatic New Breakthrough in Grief Therapy by Ronald W. & Rene Noorbergan Ramsay

LIVING WITH LOSS: A Dramatic New Breakthrough in Grief Therapy

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This is a plug for a form of therapy-following-loss known as GCT: Grief Confrontation Therapy. It involves a six-step process whereby the therapist first invites the patient to share the details of the loss, then unmasks evasions, works on denial, asks the patient to imagine the deceased very carefully, requires the patient to ""release"" some object linking the bereaved and the deceased, and then encourages the final ""letting go"": a verbal goodbye to the deceased. It's not a pretty therapy--it does, indeed, involve confrontation--so, as the authors admit, it's most appropriate to extreme cases where grief has become pathological. There's a good deal of padding here: reference to the high mortality rate of recent widows; discussion of the traumas of divorce; application of GCT to other, quite different losses (of pride, position, country--and through surgery). Essentially, though, the therapy should be of more interest to professionals than to the public at large (it's not easily self-applied); it's hard, therefore, to imagine much of an audience for this popular formulation.

Pub Date: July 21st, 1981
Publisher: Morrow