THE CONQUEST OF PAIN by Ronald Woolmer


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Professor Woolmer is a distinguished British lecturer, consultant and Director of Anaesthesia Research in England and his explanation of the physiological mechanisms and techniques of modern anaesthesia concentrates on its present day use, and the ways in which the patient can safely reach the point where he is feeling no pain. Local, or regional, anaesthesia and its limitations; general anaesthesia where again there are disadvantages- every general anaesthetic is toxic; anaesthesia in childbirth, where the greater danger is to the infant; hypnosis; refrigeration; anaesthetics used in lung surgery, plastic surgery, and the artificial heart; the blood transfusion; relief- of chronic pain, and addiction; and finally the training and equipment of the modern anaesthetist and the current areas of research investigation complete a precise, deliberate and evaluative analysis. It is perhaps primarily for the student in the science or pre-med field.

ISBN: 1163816108
Publisher: Knopf