THE MOTHERS' BOOK: Shared Experiences by Ronnie & Carol Kort--Eds. Friedland

THE MOTHERS' BOOK: Shared Experiences

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More than 50 mothers have contributed to this anthology, sharing their experiences in short, personal accounts. Most describe emotional responses to various aspects of motherhood, but the range of experience is more extensive than in comparable books (Ourselves and Our Children) and includes something for everyone. Among those testifying are: teenage mothers, a lesbian mother, an adoptive mother who nursed, stepmothers, single mothers, and mothers of children with severe illnesses. Also, the mother of triplets (""infancy was a nightmare""), mothers who work or go to law school, who nursed for three years or needed hospitalization for depression. The format--several views of each issue--gives readers scattered validations of their own beliefs and the opportunity to compare interpretations of mothering, primarily mothering young children; and the choice of issues--shifts in the marital power balance, readjustments to self-concepts, struggles with ambivalent feelings and conflicting needs--is both appropriate and thorough. An essentially affirmative book, gently organized for quick browsings.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1981
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin