LADY IN WAITING by Rory Gallagher


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With the birth rate running a high fever, this just might catch on. (Witness, in a slower season, It's a Boyl) This isn't geared to that market; it is not a picture book. But it is a nine months' diary, composite of the trepidations, small concerns and humiliations, and its share of girlish laughter. Daily cares and changes; the husband's refusal to consider her as fragile as she thinks he should; the monstrousness of the paraphernalia; the Main Kompf between morning sickness and appetite; the bluff nonchalance of the doctor; the small worries and large; and finally the advent of Jake, with no trouble at all, just as friend husband is off to the wars. Light handling of prenatal preconceptions and preoccupations.

Pub Date: June 21st, 1943
Publisher: Stephen Daye