THE ECHO SONG by Rosalie Ery


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This English author-illustrator is perhaps too inclined to let her plot atmosphere and folk material for effect -- and this is again a fault with a somewhat diffuse tale of the modern Welsh countryside. One large Welsh family provides the cast of characters; the town song fest, the focus of interest. The author develops- then drops abruptly- Bronnie Morgan's plans to enter the family in the contest, but at the end young David enters on his own, while Bronnie's imitation of the legendary echo girl wins the prize. But between this finale and the initial project, is Bronnie's absorbed interest in the place of two kites. Until the fledglings of these rare birds batch, the Morgans form a bird protection society of their own to protect the eggs against hostile intruders. Customs and regional flavor, personalities and everyday affairs of the people of Wales come through a story that seems lacking in coordination and integration.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1962
Publisher: Dutton