GYPSY PRINCESS by Rosalie K. Fry


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Zildaini Melona (Zilda for everyday) thinks the gypsy caravan which she and Robert find behind his uncle's antique shop is a lot more exciting than life with crotchety Granny and ailing Aunt Amy. Uncle Oliver has been waiting these seven years for the owner to reclaim it for his ""princess"" (whose name is written somewhere on it); now he lets the ten-year-old and her aunt relocate it at his mother's in the country, an excursion that leads to relocation for aunt and niece also. On moving day Zilda finds the long-lost name -- hers. Seems Granny disapproved of her mother's marriage to a gypsy and never let on to Zilda after her parents died. Romantic fidle-faddle.

Pub Date: Aug. 29th, 1969
Publisher: Dutton