LOVE IN QUESTION by Rosalie Packard


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Love in the Mist introduced an appealing, if rather incidental, talent and this is an encore, over and above the title, which also-like its author and the heroine of the earlier book- deals with British-American Sara Finch and her transatlantic adjustment to life as well as an absent father, a spoiled to snobbish mother, and four stepfathers. Sara, 24, hitting a lowspot, moves to a bed-sitter in Bayswater and is persuaded to visit a psychiatrist, Dr. Kahn, and a good deal of this book records her causerie from the couch-- what she remembers and what she is forced to remember. This necessarily results in a rather desultory, ephemeral but pleasant chronology of her experiences- with Charlie whom she first loved, to Andrew now- who is married and often inaccessible as well as unavailable, to Dr. Kahn who attracts her during the current susceptible situation but disengages himself easily, finally to Fred- who still leaves love in question at the close of the book here... Sara, an attractive castaway as she walks that tightrope between innocence and sophistication, should manage to charm away any serious thoughts or criticisms. Certainly for that feminine audience, a calculable transference and response.

Pub Date: Oct. 14th, 1961
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin